Long Lost Library Book

We received some very interesting snail mail at library administration the other day!

Tony mailed us this Babe Ruth biography he found in a second hand shop in Victoria, Australia! He felt it only right to return it to its home in Kamloops.

As you can see from the stamp on the book’s tail, it did indeed belong to TNRL many years ago. As the address on the stamp indicates, this was long before library administration moved to our current location at 465 Victoria Street.

As well, the inside back cover provides another blast from the past. It’s marked with an ‘N’ number, which was the TNRL’s first electronic labeling system, even before barcodes!

There’s no telling how or exactly when this book made its way to Australia, but we’re happy to have it back.

Tony, if you’re reading this, you can expect to hear from us at the TNRL very soon. You really hit a ‘home run’ with this one! Thanks for the chuckle!