Storytime & Craft: Tissue Box Guitar

Join in our musical Storytime with your very own homemade guitar!


  • An empty tissue box (rectangular if possible)
  • An empty paper towel roll 
  • 4 medium long elastic bands
  • Scissors or knife
  • Decorative items (paint, stickers, buttons, pompoms)
  • Glue


  1. Step One: Begin by removing the cellophane from your kleenex box

Step Two: Trace the end of the paper towel roll on one side of your tissue box.

Step Three: Cut out the hole and put in the paper towel roll. This is the neck of your guitar.

Step Four: Add Rubber bands by stretching them longways around your tissue box. Add them so there are two on each side of the neck of your guitar.

Step Five: Decorate! Tape, glue, stickers, paint, markers, what ever you have on hand – get creative with it!

Step Six: Play and Enjoy!

Bonus Activity: Check out this link on how to make other fun and easy instruments at home!