Literacy at Home: Free Play Resouces

We all know that play is a valuable part of childhood, but did you know that play is actually a critical part of a child’s learning, development, and well-being? It’s true!

If you’re looking for some ideas for how to support your child’s learning through play, check out these two new resources, Let’s Play and Play Today, from the Ministry of Education. They are jam-packed with information on the value of play as well as ways to help support your children while they play (and learn)!

We have limited copies of Let’s Play available in our library branches for families to take home, or you can download your own free copy here!

Let’s Play focuses on how play activities can support children in developing certain skills. The booklet includes activities which help build skills like friendship, gratitude, social responsibility, being calm, facing changes, communicating, and literacy. Each activity includes a What, Why, How, When, and Where section, showing families exactly how these activities can be built into their lives.

Play Today introduces you to the five different types of play, ranging from Free Play (where children take the lead) to Learning Games (where adults take the lead). Each type of play is described in detail. The example scenarios show how adults can support children during each type of play and highlight what types of learning are happening in each scenario.

For more information, check out the page on “Play” from the Early Learning department of the Ministry of Education: Play