Tech Tuesday: Catch some IndieFlix with your Library Card!

Here’s a streaming service that won’t cost you anything! Did you know that your library card is your ticket to thousands of movies, documentaries, and short films streamed right to your home or devices? IndieFlix is a streaming service that is part of the TNRL’s subscription to RB Digital, which is also the place to go for our digital magazine subscriptions. Click on the RB Digital link on our website and you’ll see the link for IndieFlix. Once you get to IndieFlix you can create a free account using your library card and have free access to some really amazing content from the world of Independent Film.

Not only will you find current documentaries, feature films, and series from around the world, but there is a lot of excellent older content that is hard to find on DVD. Halloween – the seasonal classic – is there and so is the original series of Bonanza from 1959. Take a look at one of their curated lists with seasonal and genre recommendations. There are plenty of spooky selections for this Halloween season:

Documentaries like Chihuli: Fire & LightBarkley 100, and older classics by Alfred Hitchcock can also be found on IndieFlix.

For those interested in social change and issues IndieFlix is an excellent resource. Your library card gives you access to all of this content for free and in your own home.

Want to learn more about IndieFlix and other streaming services? Sign up for our upcoming Tech Q&A session Cutting the Cord: An Introduction to Streaming Video on October 29th via Zoom. This program is free but registration is required. Go to for more details and to register.