Weekend Kids Activity: Tornado in a Bottle

This weekend, we challenge you to become more familiar with our science database ScienceFlix by trying out this fun Tornado in a Bottle experiment!

All you need to try this experiment are your library card and a few household objects:

  • 2 soda (2-liter size) bottles
  • Food colouring (optional – makes tornado more visible)
  • Glitter
  • 6” wide duct tape
  • Towels to clean up spills

Visit ScienceFlix for the rest of the instructions: https://sdm-sfx.digital.scholastic.com/exp_try/10021296?authCtx=U.642744862

If the link above doesn’t work, go to our website: https://www.tnrl.ca/?p=/pages/kids_teens/kids_zone/ to access ScienceFlix. You’ll need to log in with your library card!

Have fun! And if you’re looking for more ideas, make sure to check out our crafts and activities tag.