Beyond Storytime: May 18-22

Excited about watching virtual Storytimes but wanting to get more out of them? We are delighted to bring you some extra activities you can add to your day to get more out of our Storytimes! Each Friday we’ll be bringing you a preview of the themes for the next week and suggestions for ways to build extra learning and fun into each day.

Monday May 18:

It’s Victoria Day so we don’t have a Storytime today, but why not check out some of our other activity suggestions on our blog, or read some books on Tumblebooks! You could also watch one of the recorded programs on our Facebook page.

Tuesday May 19:

Theme: Groovy Favourites – featuring Pete the Cat
Activity: Button Counting
Extra Story: Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch (search it on Tumblebooks)

We will be sharing some of our favourite songs and stories at Storytime today, one of which is a story about our friend Pete and his 4 groovy buttons. Do you have any groovy buttons laying around? Why not try counting them all with this fun and easy to make math activity.

What you’ll need:

  • Play-doh
  • Pieces of paper
  • Buttons
  1. Cut paper into 2×2 inch pieces of paper and write numbers 0-10 on them.
  2. Roll out 11 balls of Play-doh. They should increase in size for each one that you do as you will be adding more and more buttons to each Play-doh slab!
  3. Squish the Play-doh balls into flat slabs, then add each one of your numbered pieces of paper to the Play-doh slabs.
  4. Have your child add the correct number of buttons to the number assigned to a slab. Ex: the piece of paper has the number 5 on it, that Play-doh portion will then receive 5 buttons!


  • To increase the difficulty, turn it into a subtraction and addition game!
  • If you have many colours of Play-doh and buttons, you could also turn this into a colour sorting activity.
  • For a great play-doh recipe, check out this link:
  • Don’t have play-doh or the supplies to make it? You could do this activity with small bowls, or containers, or plates instead!         

Wednesday May 20:

Theme: Off to Neverland
Activity: Happy Thoughts Cloud Collage
Extra Story: the Pirates!playlist on Tumblebooks has 4 pirate themed stories!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all fly like Peter Pan and the Darling children? Wendy, John, and Michael were told to “think happy things, and (their) heart(s) would fly on wings”. What kind of happy thoughts would you think of to travel to Neverland?

For today’s activity, create a thinking bubble collage of the things that make you happy. You can draw them, find pictures from magazines to cut out, use stickers, etc… to create your “Happy Thoughts” bubble.

Once you are finished, take a picture of your thinking bubble and send it in to us at with the caption “Happy Thoughts for Flying” as the subject.

Thursday May 21:

Theme: Bedtime
Activity: Easy-to-Clean Bathtub Paint
Extra Story: Bedtime Favouritesplaylist on Tumblebooks

Feeling a little sleepy after the long week? Wanting to stay in your pajamas all day long? Well you are in luck because today’s storytime is all about bedtime! Rock that PJ attire and get cozy with some blankets and pillows. And if you need some help staying awake after our lazy morning Storytime why not try out this activity?

Easy-to-Clean Bathtub Paint

What you’ll need:

  • Baby shampoo or child friendly soap
  • Food colouring (Club house food colouring works well)
  • Cornstarch
  • Ice cube tray, popsicle tray, or other container to separate the paints into
  • Liquid measuring cup
  • Paint brush (optional)
  1. In a large measuring cup, mix together 1 cup of baby shampoo or child friendly soap with ½ cup of cornstarch.
  2. Divide the cornstarch and soap mixture into your ice cube tray (or other containers).
  3. In each section of your ice cube tray, add drops of food colouring until the section is your desired colour. Do a different colour or combination of colours for each “cup”.
  4. Bring paint into the tub for the kids to play with! They can use a paint brush or their fingers. At the end of their bath, use a cup of soapy water and rinse off the art. The soap should help it easily wash away (although you may need a cloth to help it).

Note: Do not leave the art work on the walls of your tub for too long as the food colouring may eventually stain it!

Friday May 22:

Theme: I am a PIZZA
Activity: Alphabet Pizza Matching
Extra Story: Round is Mooncake by Roseanne Thong. This is a great story to learn about the shapes you may see around you, including the square of your pizza box, or the circle of your pizza! Find it on Tumblebooks.

What better way to celebrate Friday than by having a PIZZA PARTY? Join us today for a pizza themed Storytime, where we will be singing about all of our favourite pizza toppings. Want to keep the pizza party going all day long? We have just the thing!

Alphabet Pizza Matching Printable

Enjoy this printable we have created for you! The challenge is to match the pizza toppings (yes, we have a list of pizza toppings from A-Z) to the corresponding letter on the pizza. Print and cut out the toppings and keep this game in a baggie or envelope to easily bring out time and time again!

Bonus activity: Make your own Pizza!

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Why not a homemade pizza where everyone gets the chance to add in some of their favourite toppings! Kneading dough is also a great activity for children to get involved with the cooking process. Try creating wacky new pizza flavours and combinations, using whatever toppings you have in your fridge and cupboards. Make it a party by spreading out the toppings on a table and letting everyone create their own masterpiece.

There are lots of homemade pizza dough recipes out there, but here’s one to get you started:

Thanks for joining us. We’ll be back next week with another set of activities to go Beyond Storytime!