Resources for Novel Studies and Reading Circles

If you’re a teacher trying to put together a novel study or reading circle for your students right now, we have some resources that can help!

1. Classic Titles through Library2go

If you don’t mind using older texts, and your students all have library cards, we have just added a huge selection of classic books to our eBook collection, Library2go, that are always available. There are no waitlists and no limits on how many people can check out these titles. Each of your students could check out a copy and read the same book.

There are 267 titles in this collection. Here are some of the better known titles:

You can follow the link below to see a full list. If the link doesn’t work, you can log in to Library2Go and search “Duke Classics” and then limit the audience to Juvenile. 

Juvenile titles on Library2Go from Duke Classics

2. Classic Titles through Project Gutenberg

If not all your students have library cards, many of these same titles, and other outo of copyright texts, are also available through Project Gutenberg ( Searching for a specific title is the easiest way to navigate the website, though the eBooks may not be as high quality as the ones through the library. 

3. Read a Novel Aloud

If you want to try something a bit different, the Association of Canadian Book Publishers and Access Copyright has introduced a program where some Canadian publishers have given permission for their books to be read aloud and recorded by educators and librarians.

Details on the legal requirements and participating publishers are here:

With this agreement, you can borrow a single copy of an eBook from our collection from one of the participating publishers and then read it aloud with your class either via live or recorded video. You can search by publisher in our Library2go collection by typing the publisher name into the search bar. Here’s a sample of some of the titles in our collection from these publishers that might be of interest for students in grades 4 or 5: 

4. TumbleBooks

You’ve probable heard us mention TumbleBooks before as a great resource for children learning to read. They also have a small collection for Advanced Readers! Even better, right now TumbleBooks is providing access to students without library cards as well as those with.

Go to TumbleBooks!